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An international developer and distributor of food flavors and seasoning blends , GMT and daughter establishment G- Arome has been creating "Designer Tastes" since 2014, and has become a driving force in the flavoring industry. Today, the company is a major supplier to the food manufacturing industry, and also exports to Central Asia and the Middle East.


Known for its prompt, reliable, and personal service, G-Arome produces nature-identical flavors, natural flavors, and artificial flavors, taking into account each customer's particular requirements.

G-Arome endeavors to create a taste for every customer, tailoring the flavoring process to reflect each customer's personal preferences, and the preferences of each country's unique food and flavor culture. From the spicy to the sweet, G-Arome is able to capture almost any taste or aroma from the international palate, and to imagine entirely new flavors to fit the customer's needs. These are truly Designer Tastes.

A team of skilled and experienced chemists and flavorists is constantly working to improve and expand the company's catalog of products.

Recently, G-Arome has started to develop several fragrances, and will continue to do so on request.

G-Arome experienced R&D Department employs a unique flavor formulation process, creating a new flavor to precisely match your existing flavor (liquid or powdered).

Flavor matching is a process that entails a test period, facilitating delicate calibration of the product. However, it is also an extremely convenient way to bridge a change in suppliers without adversely affecting sales.

The results are very convincing. Utilizing this new flavor, your end product will taste and feel the same as it did before the change in supplier, ensuring that you provide a consistently high-quality product to your customers.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current supplier's services, we would be happy to consult with you and review your current projects to finalize price, lead time, and delivery prices. Our skilled R&D Department, under the guidance of its director, will work to formulate the flavors to your satisfaction, within your existing parameters and a surprisingly fast turnaround.

For more information, please contact our Sales Department at mail@gmt.com. We look forward to working with you.

Consulting Service

Our experienced technical team will meet with you to discuss how we can improve upon your existing products, and also develop entirely new flavors and fragrances to suit the particular requirements of your field.

To arrange a private consultation, please Contact Us.