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New and innovative lines of products are being developed and fast becoming a major market, as is the case with energy drinks, flavored mineral water and flavored vitamin water. <

No matter the product, flavor is paramount in this industry.

G-arom supplies a large variety of top soft drink producers with quality flavors. Whatever your line of production is, G-arom offers a vast catalogue of flavors. Traditional flavors, as well as new original tastes, are constantly being developed in our R&D laboratories, in accordance with customer requirements.

Our flavors are specially designed to suit our customers' needs, both taste and technical wise.

Among our flavors for the Beverage Industry you can find:

Apple Dushes Papaya
Appricot Energy Drinks Pear
Anise Fruit of the Forest Peach
Almond Guava Peppermint
Banana Grape Pineapple
Blueberry Ginger Plum
Brandy Grapefruit Pomegranate
Bitter Grapefruit Red Punch
Buratino Irish Cream Rasperry
Cognac Kiwi Rose
Cola Lemon Strawberry
Coconut Lime Strawberry-Banana
Chocolate Mandarin Tarhun
Cherry Mango Tropical Coc
Chewing Gum Melon Tea
Cream Soda Orange Vanilla
Coffee Passion Fruit Water Melon