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Working in the creative industry of confectionary encourages us to create new, unique, vibrant flavors that appeal to the child in all of us, as well as provide customers with our interpolation of classic tastes for a more mature consumer base.

For the production of candies, chewing gums, snack bars, cereals, etc., G-arom offers a vast catalog of flavors, specially designed for each of these uses and in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Among our flavors for the Confectionary Industry you can find:

Apple Cola Passion Fruit
Appricot Cheese Cake Pineapple
Almond Dulce de Leche Pear
Anise Fruit of the Forest Punch
Banane Grape Peach
Bitter Grape Fruit Peppermint
Blueberry Guava Plum
Butter Hazelnut Pistachio
Butterscoth Honey Rasperry
Condensed Milk Irish Cream Rum
Cinnamon Kiwi Strawberry
Cream Lemon Strawberry-Banana
Coconut Lime Toffee
Chocolate Mango Vanilla
Cherry Mandarin Waffle
Chewing Gum Melon Watermelon
Capuccino Milk Walnut
Coffee Nougat Whisky
Caramel Orange Yogurt