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Over the past few years, consumer demand of a new variety of dairy products has increased exponentially, boosting dairy product development and sales worldwide.

Whether you are a manufacturer of ice-cream, yogurt, cheese products, milk drinks, desserts, G-arom offers you a wide variety of flavors, ideal to suit your technical requirements while working with you to produce the best products possible.

Among our flavors for the Dairy Industry you can find:

Apple Cream Peppermint
Appricot Dulce de Leche Pineapple
Almond Fruit of the Forest Pistachio
Banana Hazelnut Plum
Blackcurrant Irish Cream Pomegranate
Blueberry Kiwi Punch
Butter Lemon Raisin
Brandy Mango Rasperry
Capiccino Melon Rum
Caramel Milk Strawberry
Cheese Cake Mocha Strawberry-Banana
Cheery Nougat Toffee
Chewing Gum Orange Vanilla
Chocolate Passion Fruit Waffle
Cinnamon Peach Walnut
Coconut Peanut Watermelon
Coffee Pear Whisky
Condensed Milk