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It's impossible to argue with taste, and authenticity of flavor is perhaps the most vital aspect of the flavor research and production process.

The highly experienced Research & Development team compares each potential flavor with its natural counterparts using both sophisticated laboratory equipment and their own refined sensitivity to taste and smell.

All flavors, in liquid or powdered form, are developed so that they precisely match the needs of the client, and the type of end product (for example, beverages, ice cream, toothpaste, etc.). Flavors can be produced to be stable in high-temperature environments, and to be water or oil soluble. We also produces clouding agents.

The R&D works closely with the client at all times, making certain that the flavor will capture the authentic taste of nature. The R&D department analyzes all flavors during the development process, comparing them to those flavors present in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, oils, and other natural foodstuffs.

At G-Arome we understand the effect that aroma has on the taste experience, and work to ensure that this effect is preserved in the final product.

Quality Assurance

The G-Arome assurance of quality enables customers to be entirely confident that their finished product will be of consistently high standards. All staff members, from the management level, through the production to sales and research & development departments, are committed to maintaining these standards.

Quality begins with the selection of superior raw materials, and this highly meticulous quality control process continues throughout production, taking into account suppliers, procedures, and employee skills.

G-Arome production processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and the company's raw materials and suppliers meet the strictest current international regulations, including those of the FDA (USA) and EU (Europe). Internal reviews and audits help to ensure that staff training and procedural efficiency is kept at a high level.

G-Arome is currently in the process of implementing HACCP procedures alongside its existing processes.