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In the last few years, the traditional custom of water-pipe tobacco smoking has become extremely widespread worldwide, from the Middle east, through Asia, Europe and all the way to America.

With increased popularity of water-pipe smoking, spread across different countries and cultures, consumer's quest for high quality tobacco in new exciting and diverse flavors, has reached a point where today, the tobacco used for this application comes in any taste you can imagine. 

For the production of Tobacco Products, especially for Hookah, we offer a vast variety of exciting flavors: 

Neroli Energy Drink Anise
Orange Fruit Coctail Apple
Passion Fruit Grape Apple Green
Peach Grape Fruit Apple Red
Pear Guava Banana
Peppermint Honey Blackberry
Pineapple Jasmine Blueberry
Plum Kiwi Bubble Gum
Pomegranate Lavander Caramel